A Beautiful Difference

Dear Yeppoon ✨🌙

I wanted to share something with you.

It's almost a bit embarrassing, because I was so naive.

But, I think it’s important.

You see, I’m from the city - I grew up in Sydney, lived in Brisbane for the most part. I had regular trips to Melbourne.

Trains, trams fast traffic, fast pace- it’s all I knew.

When I would go shopping, I could pick from 4 or so major multi-level shopping centres within a 30min radius and have access to all the big brands.

On my city lunch breaks, I’d meet up with the girls, we’d go get our nails done - have sushi (with caviar, of course darling) and chatter and click in our high heels back to the office with our starbucks.

I was all about the big brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci (a rare indulgence- but they were something that were important to me).

And then I moved seaside. Beautiful seaside, but small coastal seaside.

My first memories were how the heck do people drive so slow and how is there only two small plazas with the biggest brand being Big W??

It was a culture shock.

It was a reality shock

I struggled. I didn’t have any friends and I sure didn’t know how to meet them.

I spent one whole year completely reclusive, anxiety ridden, isolated, sad.

It took some time, but I started to slowly venture out into this town that wasn’t mine.

I first went to kemp, then the island, long drives in the open country space.

I discovered that cowboys and rodeo’s are actually real and that people do wear akubras and listen to country music like Kicks.

My world opened up and the slow cars suddenly didn’t seem to be so slow anymore - they just seemed calm.

People saying hello on morning walks became less weird to me and more so something I looked forward too as sunrise bloomed against the ocean.

The town started to grow, and I grew with it.

Beautiful restaurants (with a familiar city ambience to me) started to open.

Cafes like were filling the morning streets with intoxicating aromas of good brewed coffee while gorgeous locals hosted yoga.

Each local business started to feel more like little pieces of the city to me - but pieces set in this magic, chill, beachy boho town 

I say magic because on one side of town we have gorgeous blue aqua oceans and on the other we have lush pine forests with crystal clear waters.

Amazing family gyms helped inspire me back to my physical health journey with their constant skinny jeans challenges that I still haven’t formally entered yet 😅... while new pathways and sport precincts for our kids were embedded into the earth by local Council.

This town has slowly allowed me to find myself to be true, all while it was in its own graceful journey.

But it’s through Nourished Cove that I’ve be able to meet the real people behind these businesses.

Designer brands have begun to fade in value to me, while local artisan brands grow bright.

It is only now that I understand the concept of local. Of what it means to be local, to support local.

Shops to me were faceless in the city.

Now they have names, they have family, children, grandchildren.

The have their own truth, style. They have dreams and they have fierce ambition. 

They are the heart of this town, breathing life into it. 

They make a difference.

They evoke creativity, they inspire, they unite and they are kind. 

They are truely community over competition. 

They are home. 

Please support local. They are you, they are me, they are us.

I don’t know what our paths will be, but I will promise you it will be of strength, of hope, of resilience. 

We will be stronger because of this experience, more awakened, more embracing of nature and respectful of it.

Reconnect with your true self during this time.

Think about how you will make a beautiful difference when we are back in the light because I hand on heart know you will, because you already are.

With love,
Jana Richardson xx

Photo by:
And my girl Candy Collins ✨🌙

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