An Everlasting Floral Moment - Nourished Cove's Whimsical Wellness Event

I'm running late for an event that i'm co-hosting, I can feel my anxiety rising quickly, I don't want to make a bad impression. 

I get there and open the almost shabby chic mix country door, it's heavy but gorgeous in a distressed way. I enter the florist, aka whimsical world. There's a wooden ladder on the ceiling with the most unusual flowers hanging, its almost like I've wandered into an angelic witches cove - a fairy tale full of dried everlasting floral tones, bursting with colour embroidered magically throughout. 

I relax and as I breathe in it's like I want to inhale this beautiful world, taking a deep breath I want to keep this moment. I'm hugged by my new friends, local Yeppoon girls each with their own beautiful style and vibe. I settle in, this is new for me, connecting with people I've mostly spent online time with - it's special to meet them in real life but I don't want to come across to eager or awkward. 

I feel a connection instantly with the girls and we start to begin to make our floral wreaths, a creative air swirls around us. I'm trying to take it all in, there's intricate foliage splayed wildly and freely on a lived in plum-mahogany bench. I look above me and i'm directly under the floral ladder tree, looking up mesmerised by the florals that look like they are from another world. 

My attention reverts back to my wreath hoop and my flower bunches that I carefully wrap with brown rugged twine, I feel the textures between my fingers and the colours are engulfing my vision, it's almost intoxicating and I feel wonderful within my core, feeling present and connected with others while encased in a beautiful personal moment. We're working on our individual pieces, collectively. 

We finish making our wreaths as we quietly chatter like blue birds around the table, this natural piece of wood that is grounding and hardy and I start to realise that i'm feeling comfortable and notice the atmosphere is becoming intimate, we're suddenly whispering on a deeper level about world issues and personal private relationships and i'm filled with a sense of happiness, the topics may have been on the darker side.. but they were real and raw, not surface.

There was a level of unsaid trust, a space where we could speak freely in hushed whispers feeling the warmth of the beginning of budding new friendships. It was during this moment that I knew that Nourished Cove is well and truly on her path. Here is a woman, a girl at heart, a bohemian gypsy, moving way beyond her comfort level, feeling like a mermaid out of water and yet being able to find grounding, peace and happiness. 

We finish our pieces and take a moment to finally really look at each other's crafts, having been to mesmerised with our own to truly appreciate each others work. We almost instantaneously catch ourselves as we realise that the beauty of each wreath lays far beyond the the floral intricacies now attached to the once bare wooden hoop... the true beauty is, that in that short time we spent together, we were able see each other in each of our wreaths - like a true reflection that is now an everlasting floral moment that we share. 

We're nearing the end of this wellness journal, i'm unsure how the girls who attended our whimsical wellness event will receive this, but I know that I trust them and that I am comfortable now with being vulnerable around them, as they were to me on our whimsical night on a full moon.

And so now I turn my attention to you and I gently, but firmly say to you - do the pottery class, macrame, yoga, whatever it is that you have been wanting to do and turn your wistful dreams into a whimsical reality - void and naked of hesitation. Know that I am here as this silent voice that believes in you. Carry my whisper as you feel your heart beat fast with nerves. Know that I believe in you and I am your most avid supporter. Share your story with me, share your journey with me so we can continue to do this together.

Jana xx

Amber, Shae-ellen, Jana and Renee (thanks Shan for taking this pic!)

Our wreaths:

The Amber: Warm and golden with amber sunset tones, she's gentle, caring and true. She's an intricate, earth born beauty that wanders in between sunlit worlds. 

The Shae: She's wild-spirited with a creative soul, she is unruly and free, edgy and alternative, her veins bleed pure loyalty and her rose heart beats with femininity.

The Jana: Crafted by the light of the moon, she's mermaid'y with silver, iridescence watery tones. She has an understated depth like the dark ocean glittering under a moonlit night. 

The Renee: Is the beginning of a fairy tale. She is romantic and delicate with beautiful blooms of soft pastel pinks and sunshine kisses of yellow. She's the magic of life, love and innocence. 

Special thanks to Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals The Amber Light Photography, Shae-ellen and Renee for making our whimsical night incredible.

Some more photo's by The Amber Light Photographer 



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