The clinical world and all that goes with it... isn’t enough to bring me wellness.

I have a psych degree, I see a psychologist and psychiatrist but I needed more. 

The clinical world and all that goes with it isn’t enough to bring me wellness. Fact. For me.

It’s just not.

From the sterile smells, to the fabric chairs to the anxiety of sitting in waiting rooms, the curious looks of other patients, the exorbitant fee paid that makes you feel a bit guilty for spending so much on an appointment.

To being in a room with a stranger and being uncomfortable and unable to stop the uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheeks looking to much into the pain of the past.

To being given script after script but not wanting to fill them because you don’t want to feel like a zombie. 

I’m sorry, but that’s just not wellness to me.

Which is why I created my own world of whimsical wellness.

When I asked myself what is wellness to me, truly, its that childlike innocence and freedom, of making mud cakes in the dirt, to exploring nature.

Wellness is connection, to one’s self, to others, to nature, to creativity.

Will my crystal infused water-bottles fix all your problems? No! But will you look at your crystal and feel a sense of calm and peace while you hydrate your body to health, absolutely - if you allow yourself to think that.

It’s like classical psychological conditioning, hold your crystal close, feel the cold smoothness of the crystal and focus on that object and focus on your breathing, of slowing your thoughts, of thinking about things that you love, that bring you peace.

When you look at your crystal again - these light and happy emotions will stir within you because you have intentionally created that connection to bring you calmness.

It’s like with my handmade smudge sticks, will they completely heal you? No, but with the right mindset they can help you clear bad energies.

When I refer to energies, I mean that heavy weight of worry, or residual feelings from things that make you feel heavy or are burdensome.

You don’t have to be a witch to be into smudging and crystals, but who says you can’t be playful and evoke white-witchy vibes if that makes you feel a sense of playful whimsical wellness??? 

Why do you care about labels?

Think about what brang you happiness as a child and add a modern aesthetic to it (you do you boo).

Let me share a little more with you...

I work in the corporate world full-time and I adore the people I work with but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit in ALL the places I’ve worked, from the Air Force to a Ministers Office, I always feel like I have pit in my tummy, like I don’t ever really know what I’m doing - it’s not a totally negative thing and I know I’ve achieved amazing things, but there’s just this feeling within me that’s not quite settled.

I think the essence of it is that I don’t really feel like me in the corporate world if that makes sense? It’s more of a stressor than wellness to me.

We place so goddamn much emphasis on high achievements, on being results driven, on putting in more hours at work to get gold stars but why don’t we emphasise as much energy to being well???

Why is it this bad thing to want to live a little slower paced? To revive in wandering in nature rather than stuck under fluro lights that give you migraines and make you feel trapped?

When I started Nourished Cove on one magical night it was like I was in a bit of a dream, it was all so surreal but it was just one foot in front of the other.

It was only a few months ago, I wouldn’t allow myself to step back and view what I was doing, nor would I look to the future too much - I just had this personal vision and I wanted to savour every creative moment and focus on that... it gave me a sense of wellness I hadn’t felt since childhood.

When it comes to Nourished Cove, I truly don’t know what the heck I’m doing but I don’t FEEL that way... like how I do in the corporate world - that pit in my tummy isn’t there.

It’s just happiness and beams of sunshine and moonlight - it’s just the pure me.

I’m whimsical, I’m free-spirited and I try and be as eco-kind as I can. I’ll also always have a splash of mermaid within me.

For those not on Instagram - I wanted to show you Nourished Coves vibe 

I love how Instagram allows you to see Nourished Coves whimsical world - it’s not just a brand to me - it’s a place of creative connections with other NC wellness beauties and mermaids.

*disclaimer - These are my personal thoughts and you should seek the advice and support from your personal health professionals. To be transparent, I’m an advocate for holistic health and see value in combining the medical-science world with and/or in conjunction with holistic approaches that are safe and do not bring harm to you or others.

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