About Us

 Yeppoon Queensland Australia

Nourished Cove

Earthy + Whimsical 

 We’re all things earth, moonshine and ocean

We wander and forage through forests, hearing nature.

We believe in folklore tales and surround ourselves with magic

Sound healing, crystals, smudges, meditation are all our rituals

Be with us in our earthy coven ✨🌙


We're eco-kind

We’re at one with nature

we have a deep desire to connect and protect our goddess earth

Our love notes are written on Australian handmade recycled paper infused with botanicals

Our mailing boxes are recycled

We use shredded paper package biofill which is 100% Biodegradable, Environmentally FriendlyCompostable & Water Soluble 
Static Free, Lightweight Resilient & Reusable

We support local small businesses and made in Australia 




 I founded Nourished Cove in August 2019.
Nourished Cove is a little coven that is in a world of its own. 

It’s pure and magical…
Our coven takes away pain or hurt by letting you be free to be your beautiful self.
I have had incredible careers, from being in the Royal Australian Air Force, to working in Ministerial Offices.
I’ve worked in inspiring Universities.
I developed and wrote a University’s first National mental health strategy that made meaningful change.
I have a Psychology degree and eligibility for a PhD. 

I have achieved incredible things… all whilst having lived experience with mental health 
I was diagnosed with Bipolar I at 22. 

I was later diagnosed with PTSD, Agoraphobia and have a history of Eating Disorders. 

I am a survivor of Domestic Abuse.
I lived so much of my life making my conditions worse because I was so scared of mental health stigma.
I kept going. Despite hardships around every corner 

I constantly felt like I was living a life that wasn’t mine… until one day, I set myself free. 

I no long allow my health to be used against me by others or myself. 

I am neurodivergant and I have a complex, intricate and beautiful mind. 

I believe in sharing light to my experiences, helps others to believe that they can change their life - that it is their life to change through love and strength. 

Nourished Cove is place for others to feel love and calmness, of acceptance, of hope, of magic.
I personally handcraft, design and curate each item in our Cove with care and love. 

I’m a married mama to the most incredible man we have three wild and spirited babies that are our muses, inspiration, light and loves.