About Us

Nourished Cove


Nourished Cove is a seaside wellness collective that was born from the desire to reconnect with nature. We handcraft and curate items that we truly believe will support wellness.

We're whimsical

We have a magical innocence, we wistfully look to the glittering oceans for mermaids and make daisy chains to wear as crowns. We are whimsical with a gypsy heart and a wandering soul. 

We're free-spirited

We have inquisitive and fierce minds. We bare darkened storms with a relentless resilience, We are free and brave to be our pure selves.

We're eco-kind

We love being surrounded by nature and natural earth born beauties like crystals. We believe that nature evokes a sense of wellness which enhances our desire to connect and protect the earth.


 Jana Richardson founded Nourished Cove in Autumn 2019. Jana has a Psychology degree and has had an esteemed career whilst living with mental health conditions that were shrouded in secrecy due to the fear of stigma surrounding mental health. 

After close to fifteen years of attempting to deny her conditions and trying to continue in a world that she didn't feel like she quite fit into, Jana discovered that the key to belonging is to first belong to oneself, truly and unapologetically.

Jana deeply believes that acceptance of self leads to empowerment of self. Jana no longer allows her conditions to be used against her, instead it is with a fierce, intricate, complex and beautiful mind that Jana instead shares her story as a platform offering strength to others to find their own unique light.  

Jana embodies being an ambassador for mental health, however chooses to maintain focus on wellness and living a Nourished Cove lifestyle. Jana views Nourished Cove, The Cove, as a magical place (much like the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton) where adults can reconnect with their inner child, embracing childhood nostalgia through wellness activities like wild foraging for items that evoke imagination.

Jana loves to personally handcraft and design items with care and finds the process therapeutic, allowing her to gain a sense of balance and enjoying the calming state of mind that being creative uniquely allows for. Jana encourages connecting with the wilderness and guides her Nourished Cove mermaids and wellness beauties to wander far and wander often - by the sunshine and by the moonlight. 

Jana is a Survivor of trauma and Domestic Violence and has powerfully, and bravely (with the support of loving family and police assistance) challenged and taken control to redirect her circumstances to create an incredible, beautiful, safe life that is deeply fulfilling, secure and loving.

Jana is a married mother to three free-spirited and free-minded children that are her muses, her inspirations, her loves. 


 Welcome to The Cove - you can truly be yourself here.