Artisan Australian Smudge stick - Yellow Billy Gumnut
Artisan Australian Smudge stick - Yellow Billy Gumnut
Artisan Australian Smudge stick - Yellow Billy Gumnut

Artisan Australian Smudge stick - Yellow Billy Gumnut

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Made from Eucalyptus, She Oak and Coastal Tea Tree, our Australian smudges sticks have been adorned with an everlasting billy button flower for keepsakes. 

Our Billy Buttons adornment was inspired by the gorgeous Cuddlepot and Snugglepot from May Gibbs Gumnut babies. We love stories that carry us away into whimsical worlds and we love bringing nostalgic memories and craft into a modern aesthetic for whimsical wellness. 

We uniquely handcraft our smudge sticks to our signature Nourished Cove creative design. Our smudge sticks are bundled using raw Australian grown cotton thread which was originally inspired by Yeppoon's own wispy sea grass - the clean modern lines help to calm our mind. 

Love Notes: Open all of your windows and light your smudge stick using a candle or matches. Hold your smudge stick at a 45 degree angle pointing down towards the flame. Blow out the flame and move about your space with your smudge stick while thinking of clearing any negative energy.

Your Smudge Stick will help you to purify, ground and cleanse both your mind and space.

Set clear intentions and mindfully be aware of your thoughts as you move throughout your space. 

We recommend that you wild forage in nature to find a birds feather which you can use to gently move your smudge stick smoke around your space. Nourished Cove doesn't sell feathers as we can not be sure that they have been ethically sourced, instead we prefer to encourage our mermaids and wellness beauties to forage in nature while being eco-kind. 

Wellness Product Details:

Made from Eucalyptus, She Oak and tea tree and adorned with an everlasting Billy Button floral for keepsake. This Native Australian grown and handcrafted smudge stick measures approximately 22cms long.

Native Australian smudge sticks can absorb moisture more easily  then sage, so store in a dry area when not in use. If you experience any difficulty lighting your smudge stick, air dry in direct sunlight. 

Caution: Use with caution. Do not leave a burning or smoldering stick unattended. Always extinguish the flame after it has been lit before you commence smudging. When you are finished smudging, ensure that you extinguish until there is no more smoke burning.

Make certain that your smudge stick is extinguished by dampening the top and edges of the smudge stick using earth, sand or water. Always make sure that the smudge stick is completely out before leaving the room and store in a smudging vessel (see our Sea Pod Smudging Vessel).

Keep out of reach of children and pets.