Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Smoky Quartz in Rose Gold - Luxury Edition

Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Smoky Quartz in Rose Gold - Luxury Edition

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Nurture a connection between your crystal, your mind, your body and your soul to evoke a mindset that brings you calmness, happiness, strength and sunshine.

Infuse natures crystals with positive self-talk, selflove and self-care to harmonise wellness. 

Our crystals are natural and raw, and their exquisiteness is in there uniqueness. Our crystals gently offer a respite from the modern world and are earth beauties that can inspire, hope and wellness.

Citrine crystal is a sun crystal that embodies radiance, inspiration and clarity. 

Crystal Infused Water Bottle Care

Crystal Care: Your crystal infused water bottle is designed to keep you hydrate with water only. Our crystals are 100% authentic and have been carefully selected for their ability to be infused directly with water. This means you will need to take special care of cleaning your crystal each time after use.

Our water bottles are dishwasher safe however gentle handwashing is recommended. We use high borosilicate-glass which is superior to regular glass due to its thermal shock resistant properties.

Love Notes: Our crystals are completely natural from the earth, this means that there will be crystal hue variations. Nourished Cove is unfortunately unable to exchange your crystal infused water bottle based on colour hue preference, we hope that you will adore your beautiful and unique crystal in its natural beauty.