Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper
Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper
Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper
Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper
Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper
Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper

Gua Sha | Dalmatian Jasper

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The art of Gua Sha is a natural therapy that calms, detoxifies and enhances skin's radiance by sculpting, firming, smoothing and stimulating circulation.

Gua sha reduces fine lines, minimizes oil production, cleanses deep pores and improves lymphatic drainage.  

Our Nourished Coves Gua Sha Massage Crystal Tool is ethically sourced and handmade using authentic, earth made crystals.

Nourished Cove is a whimsical lifestyle brand and we believe crystals hold energy that can soulfully raise our own inner vibrations and wellness. We've handpicked crystals that promote energy of love and self-acceptance to sooth and infuse wellness skin deep.

Love Notes:

Gua Sha can be used daily. We like to use ours as part of our nightly wellness routine combined with our favourite natural skin care products. See our how to below:

Gua Sha Therapy - How to:

1. You can use your Gua Sha warm or cold. To use warm, rub your Gua Sha in the palms of your hands. To use cool, keep your Gua Sha chilled in your refrigerator (or place in your freezer for 5-10 minutes prior to use - this technique is amazing for reducing skin puffiness and swelling). 

2.  Gently cleanse your face with your favourite natural, organic cleansing product.

3. Pat a small amount of natural skin serum or facial oil onto your neck and face, be gentle with your skin, particularly under your eyes where your skin is more delicate.

4. Start by sweeping your Gua Sha in an upwards motion from your décolletage, following the lines of your neck until you reach under your jaw.

5. Sweep along your face starting with your chin, always move your Gua Sha in an upwards and outwards motion at a slight angle. Move from your chin, jaw line, cheeks and forehead. We rotate each motion on the right side of a specific area, followed by the left and repeat as needed intuitively.

6. End your ritual by placing your Gua Sha at the base of your neck and press firmly to release any tension. Repeat as needed. 

Allow yourself to surrender to the movement of your Gua Sha and relax into your wellness ritual.

Full guide coming to our Blog soon x 

*Some content images display different available variations of our Nourished Cove Gua Sha’s. View our website for all available crystal colours

Description: Dalmatian Jasper