Pink Amethyst
Pink Amethyst
Pink Amethyst
Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst

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Beautify your home with exquisite Pink Amethyst

Looking for a stunning, unique and radiant crystal for you and your home interior design?

This rare crystal is the perfect statement piece for those who like finer things in life. You’ll love the higher-end exclusive feeling of owning a crystal that’s so unique and exquisite.

Sourced from Brazil

Interior Design

Pink amethyst is a crystal of grace, calmness, understanding and trust. It will instantly warm you home with comfort and peace.

it’s gentle hues of pink, translucent white, light greys allows this piece to work with so many accents to naturally enhance your home.

Wellness Ritual 

Let this crystal comfort your heart, allowing its sunset pink hues to add warmth.

imagine yourself on a quiet beach letting the sunset rays glisten over your skin, while releasing things that are not in your control and letting things just be as they are.


A warming crystal for comfort, understanding, a crystal that has a softening touch while being steady in strength.

Chakra | Heart Chakra

Healing | Deepen understanding, soften trust and allude grace

Cleansing and Charging | lightly spray with water and polish dry around areas that don’t have druzy  

Keep handling this crystal to a minimum because of its weight.

It is best to keep out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading. 

Astrology | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces | Virgo | Scorpio | Sagittarius.