Rainbow Fluorite Palm Stones

Rainbow Fluorite Palm Stones

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Fluorite's calm vibration installs a deep relaxation and cultivates a peaceful state of meditation.

When life feels overwhelming, use your rainbow fluorite worry stone to call forth stability to chaotic energy. Release fear and anxiety.

Each crystal is natural and in rough form - it’s unique characteristics are pure to it’s beautiful self. 

Each stone is priced per piece and each piece is selected exclusively and intuitively for you.

Properties: Balance | Calm | Clarity | Focus | Intuition | Protection

Chakras: Third Eye | Crown

Love Notes:

At Nourished Cove, we believe wellness is deeply individual. One's journey may call for counselling; another's may call for whimsical rituals like using crystals and for others we will use both and any other intuitive, psychosocial, psychological, nutritional, physical, therapeutic callings to help us along our journey to feeling balanced and well. 

We believe in both the medical-science practitioner model AND alternative complimentary health such as Nourished Cove's unique notion of Whimsical Wellness'.