Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

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Striking natural Spirit Quartz, also known as cactus quartz, fairy quartz and pineapple quartz. 

Image is of exact piece available.

Sourced from South Africa, Boekenhoutshoek region.

Interior Design

With its sparkle and energetic appeal, this crystal compliments areas in your home that are vibrant or would suit added vibrancy

Given its high energy, place this piece in your entrance way, your living room, or on your work desk to help with motivation and creativity. 

Wellness Ritual 

Before an outing or event, boost your energy with this high frequency crystal and allow yourself to release nervousness, instead replacing with excitement, confidence and a positive mindset. 


Higher energy and frequency crystal that allows you to connect spiritually with yourself

Chakra | Crown

Healing | Increasing higher frequency

Cleansing and Charging | With soft bristles, dust or brush lightly. Keep handling this crystal to a minimum rush and keep out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading 

Astrology | Leo and Cancer

Please feel very welcome to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a private online viewing.

This Piece:

A beautiful violet cluster with crystal facets and terminated points.

her colouring is an ombré of violet through to lilac with bronze points. 

Genuine crystal carefully sourced ethically as close to the mining source as possible in aims to support mining families and their local communities. 

Personally curated for Nourished Cove

Image of exact crystal available 


Spirit Quartz

Higher vibrational and astral channeling 
She’s at a higher frequency and is all sparkle. She’s one of the most beautiful crystals there is 


Highly frequency 

Channelling inner voice to connect with spirit and enlightenment 
Cleansing and Charging
Cleanse with mild soapy water. Brush lightly with a soft brush. Air dry 
Leo and Cancer
lilac, violet, ‘citrine’ grey and white 
Cluster, points 
Sourced from South Africa 
Silicon dioxide
Is she real?
100% you’ll be in awe at her vibrancy and incredible sparkle